Don't Pimp the Prophetic Gift

Prophets are misunderstood by many believers and unbelievers all over the world.  We know that the history and development of Israel was started by a prophet. Yes, there are many false prophets out in the world. Don't be surprised that there are just as many in the churches of today. The prophetic ministry is so important in the end times.  One must be able to discern spirits. Being able to discern spirits is also a gift from God.

In the beginning, I wanted to know why God selected me to walk in the prophetic office. I was also wondering what makes me different from others who are prophets.  Prophets are prophets from birth. God deposits their gifts in them, and He will show those who have this extraordinary gift how to discharge the office properly.

There are prophets who sell their gift for money. Remember, Jezebel had prophets who dined at her table. They were on the government payroll. Her prophets would lie just for the money. They didn't care about the people; they loved money and whatever else they could get.  Jezebel paid them well for a lie.

There are some who have gone to the "dark side," ending up on the psychic hot line and some as palm readers. It breaks my heart when I see that on almost every corner there is a psychic shop set up, just to fleece and fool people.

I believe when you finish reading this book, you will not have any doubt about what a true or a false prophet is. If God has blessed you with His gift, let Him nurture you. Don't rush because you may err.

Don't Pimp the Prophetic Gift
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