From Despair, through Determination, to Victory

A lot can happen during a span of 40 years. The life of Dr. Cassundra White-Elliott has been anything but uneventful. From a fun-loving childhood sprinkled with incidents of abuse to a tumultuous young adulthood to a stable, secure adult life, she has experienced a full life, with much more to come. Her story is inspiring and motivating.


If anyone lacks hope, reading Dr. White-Elliott’s autobiography will propel him/her into an attitude of “Maybe I can.” This attitude, if nurtured and developed, will grow into an attitude of “Yes, I can.” Throughout her life, Cassundra has always held in her heart the belief that she could achieve anything that she had a made-up mind to embark upon. She was determined to achieve her heart’s desires, doing what God has called her to do. She takes no credit for herself. All the glory goes to God, for He is her driving force. In Him, she lives, moves, and has her being.


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From Despair, through Determination, to Victory
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