From the Projects to the Pulpit

In reading Hurricane Katrina’s autobiography, you will take a journey with her over a forty-year span of her life. The first twenty years, she was in the world and in the hood. The second twenty years, she was in ministry and in the church. She shares deep, detailed information about her life. Can you imagine growing up wealthy and living an awesome life in the suburbs and your very life drastically changing overnight? One day, it happened to her. This occurrence led her to live a lifestyle that she never thought she would experience. Eventually, at the age of fifteen, she ran away from home to the projects. That was like jumping out of the pan into the fire. She then used her automatic self-defense mechanism and became a product of her environment in order to survive. She joined gangs, fought, and sold drugs. Her body was a victim of rape, molestation and teenage and adult domestic abuse.

After taking so much abuse from the world, she decided that there had to be another way. She decided that it was time to make a change. That was the greatest decision that she ever made in her life. She turned her life over to Jesus, and He accepted her just the way she was. Then, He began to clean and fix her up. He used her experiences and her pain to produce her purpose, and her purpose pushed her into her destiny. Was it easy? Of course not, but she wouldn’t have had it any other way. She shares how there is a thin line between the world system and the church system. From her viewpoint, the church is a spiritual hospital. When people go to the worldly hospital, some get well and feel better instantly. But others leave in a worse condition, and it takes them longer to get better. Some don’t even survive. It’s the same in the spiritual hospital. Everybody there isn’t healed; it takes time. Her autobiography will give uplifting and encouraging tactics that have helped her on her journey. 

She went through heartache and pain, through the storm and the rain, but she never gave up. It seemed as though she was never accepted and often rejected. Everything she has been through pushed her from pain to purpose and from purpose to her destiny. Everything that she has gone through prepared her to be who she is today “Hurricane Katrina.” She comes to clean out everything in the lives of God’s people, those that love Him and have a great call on their lives, those afflicted with generational curses, those that don’t know Him too well, to those that really don’t know Him at all. God is using her as a great force to uproot and tear down everything that’s not of Him. Allow His water, which represents a great and mighty force, to cleanse you from all unrighteousness, so you can catch up to your purpose and reach your destiny, in Jesus’ name. All glory goes to Abba Father.

From the Projects  to the Pulpit
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