Grandma Asks: Were You Good at School Today?

Grandma Asks: Were You Good at School Today? is addressing the importance of having good manners at school and treating your friends with kindness.  Grandma is asking her grandson Devon, “Were you good at school today?” to get him to think and understand the importance of not getting angry, even if your friend embarrasses you, and being ready to apologize to your friends if you hurt their feelings.

Grandma Asks… will be a series of upcoming children’s books that will address important issues and concerns of children that will begin with questions from Grandma.  The questions will cover questions that grandmothers from all walks of life will ask their grandchildren at one time or another from infancy through teen years, such as “Did you take your bath?” (addressing the importance of hygiene) and “Do you love your brand new baby brother or sister?” (addressing the importance of sibling love and a connection when a new baby is born).

Grandma Asks: Were You Good at School Today?
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