Hard Times in Life and Its Joys

At some point, the human body and mind will reach a breaking point, which will not be easy to surpass. And sometimes, we all need that someone or something, which will remind us to stay on track and admire what we cannot at first. 

The world we live in is based upon perfection, preventing us from acknowledging how much we actually underappreciate the lifestyle we have been given.

Hard Times in Life and Its Joys addresses many factors of life where we are blinded by the privileges we are fortunate to have, while others experience the true face of poverty, pain, insecurity, and disappointment. While we live life going through our daily routines with one specific mindset based upon perfection, there are many unseen factors that could make a huge difference in the way we live each day. Our wealth, moral thoughts, and perceptions of life are misguided by what we believe to be perfect. We live in the cruel reality where happiness is forgotten while covered by our materialism and desires for revenge. Hard Times in Life and Its Joys is the eye opener we all need once we reach that breaking point of lacking appreciation in our lifetime.


Hard Times in Life and Its Joys
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