I was Addicted to this Drug

I’m sure after you look at the cover of this book, you will wonder what drug the author is talking about.  Robert Kincade dares to explain to the American public that the addictions to sugar and salt are far more serious than one can imagine.   The primary reason is these habits go by undetected on a daily basis as we endlessly consume unhealthy substances.  Some people say what you don’t know doesn’t hurt.  Robert explains what you don’t know can slowly put you in the grave. 

The heart of this book is to show if you lower the power and deception of these addictions, your life will change physically and emotionally forever!  We are only blessed with one temple on this earth.  It would be wise if one takes better care of this sacred temple.

When you read this book, remember to do your own research.  You could be your best source.  

I was Addicted to this Drug
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