Intimate Times of Revelations

Sometimes it is good to allow God to speak to us in the early morning when everyone has not yet awakened to see the dawning of the new day that is ahead of them, or in the evening at the end of a busy day when everyone has gone to sleep.

In Intimate Times of Revelations, Pastor Donell Givens shares the powerful and life-changing revelations that God has given him during those wee hours in the morning and late night prayers. As you read through this book, you too will be inspired as the Holy Spirit reveals special revelations for your life.

As you read the revelations shared by Pastor Givens, allow the Holy Spirit to minister to you about your life and your own personal walk with the Lord.  Write down these special revelations in the spaces provided, so you can revisit them later and continue to drink from the well of living water that only the Lord can provide.

Afterward, you can share both sets of revelations with loved ones and those whom God places in your path. Remember, everyone needs encouragement, and Pastor Givens has found the way to do that with this awesome book, Intimate Times of Revelations.


Intimate Times of Revelations
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