MOS Notebook

The MOS NOTEBOOK & MORE is a compilation of 61 narrow ruled 5.5X8.5 sheets for note taking with inspirational scriptures, plus an alphabetized quick reference of frequently used scriptures with commentaries, tips, principles and guidelines for sharing the “Good News” to the unsaved and for self application by the unsaved to enter into a relationship with Jesus Christ.


Another important facet is to aid the user with memorization of various often used scriptures when confronted with life circumstances and to speak into the lives of others (saved as well as unsaved) who come across the user’s path as directed by the Holy Spirit. 


After this notebook has been filled with notes, another notebook may be purchased via: Creative Minds Bookstore at


Most included scripture are from the New King James Version (NKJV) of the Bible.  Others are from the New International Version (NIV), New American Standard (NASB) and New Living Translation (NLT).


The scriptures and other information have been included to illuminate the mind (spiritually and intellectually) and create an interest in the shared topics. From there, one should consult the actual Bible and review the context in which the paraphrase was drawn.  Spiritual growth and obedience to God’s Word is the ultimate aim to preclude one from drifting away from the truth and the will of God and to help equip the user for the works God has already preordained for his/her life. 


In conclusion, God is looking for a renewed and closer fellowship with Him.  He is standing and knocking at the door of the believers’ hearts seeking to come in to sit and eat with them.

MOS Notebook
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