No Longer Arrested!

No Longer Arrested! shares the life story of Evangelist Kellee Williams, the choices she made as a young adult, the decisions that were made for her that caused hurt and harm to her life as an adult. Although she was not born into drugs and alcohol and gangs and violence, somehow she wound up intertwined and entangled with this lifestyle, and it took over her life and held her captive for over twenty years. She knew she was to do prison ministry and preach the word of God at a young age; however, she did not know she would actually end up in prison and do two terms. All that she has endured is all to the glory of God, and she would not change a thing because it was necessary for her to go through it to get to it! This book is all about how God broke the chains and is now using her in His Kingdom, and she is "No Longer Arrested"!

No Longer Arrested!
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