Nobody's Daughter

Would it not be wonderful if life was as grand as we all envision? Unfortunately, the sad reality of life is some women carry a lot of accumulated baggage throughout their life that weighs them down emotionally, physically, and spiritually. From life experiences, they carry anger, hurt, abuse, abandonment, pity, fear, and selfishness around for years or maybe even a lifetime.
Prior to experiencing some of life's most difficult and devastating moments, most women dream of a fairy-tale wedding; however, no one tells them with a fairy-tale wedding comes real obligations. Without an earthly father filled with God's Holy Spirit, to teach, demonstrate, and nurture her when she is a young girl, she may not ever find or discover how real love feels. Without having properly taught and trained the individuals when they were young, marriages will experience numerous unnecessary struggles, strife, and destruction. This may very well be the reality of having an absentee father. Having an absentee father can lead to other lifelong challenges as well, as you will read in this intriguing book.
This book shares a story about one woman's life, the era and events that molded her life, and the power of God that placed her feet on solid ground. It is the desire of Dr. Stacey Nickleberry, the author, to minister and give hope to the readers that everything broken can be mended in your life, once you get out of the driver's seat, move over, and let God direct your paths.

Nobody's Daughter
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