Not My Child!

Barbara M. Davis, M.Ed. continues to educate elementary school children. Her philosophy of education has not changed much over the years. She still believes that all children are capable of learning with an educator who wants what is best for his/her students and who will instill in them a foundation for lifelong learning and responsibility for their own learning.  Although times, parents and students have changed tremendously over the years, Mrs. Davis still feels that she can make an impact in the lives of her students. When entering into the educational field, educators are excited that they can share their knowledge, hours of teacher training, new methodologies, curriculum, and of course, “good old common sense." No one prepared educators for children who bring everything to the classrooms and playgrounds of the schools. Why wouldn't the children share? They are with their teachers most of their waking hours, and those in after school programs even longer. But to hear, "Hey, Mrs. Davis, when I grow up my mustache will be bigger than yours," or " Miss Smith, why do your hips go boom, boom, boom when you walk?” or "Mrs. Davis, how did you and Mr. Davis make that baby, when he is so tall and you are so short?" As long as she continues to educate, she will continue to hear the Unbelievably, Entertaining Quotes of School-Aged Children.


Not My Child!
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