Saved by Grace

Faith is the youngest of four children. She grows up on the west side, being raised in a Christian home. Tragedy comes and overtakes her in the worse way. She buries all the hurt, confusion, and pain. She ventures out and begins to experience more pain, disloyalty, danger, and love.

She falls in love for the first time with Nick. He is young but powerful in the streets of South Central LA. Even though they are inseparable, Faith’s heart struggles with what is right. She is tormented with the thought Will God ever forgive me? Yet, she still can’t give up on the love she has for Nick, nor the lifestyle, so she stays. Eventually, she begins to give up what was instilled in her as a child and what she knows to be right.   

The fast life of money, jewelry, houses and cars are perfect in Faith’s mind. As she steps into another arena, she meets Sebastian, who is on a whole different level. Little does she know, he is involved with one of the most notorious Columbian drug cartels. She is placed right in the middle of a deadly battle. The game, the secrets, the lies, tragedy, death, and money break her down. The life she chooses begins to torment her soul. She finds herself in limbo, trying to decide and still asking, Do I change? Or do I stay?

Saved  by  Grace
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