Tales of the American Wilderness

STORYTELLING has always played an essential role in preserving the history and heritage of the Native American people. For centuries, tribes across the land told stories as a way of understanding the wondrous world around them, as well as explaining how their people came into existence, in the form of extraordinary myths and legends. Many of these tales stemmed from real life and reflected the individuality of every tribe, including their local traditions, customs, and beliefs. Older generations would take on the responsibility of passing down these tales onto future generations in order for them to maintain an emotional and spiritual connection to their ancestors. Tales of the American Wilderness aims to pay homage to the oral tradition of storytelling and continue the legacy of the Native American people. This book is a compilation of enchanting short stories that pull inspiration from various tribes across the country and follow the same tradition of interpreting the mysteries of the natural world.

Tales of the American Wilderness
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