Trapped In

Amir Johnson was not dealt the best hand in the game of life. One night, when he is shot down in cold blood, his life is nearly taken, and he becomes paralyzed from the waist down. Now, he must pray that he can regain his health and mobility.
As you read Amir's story, you will be given insight to the events that brought Amir to his current state, and you will explore the early parts of his life that spiraled out of control after his mother was taken away by the long arm of the law.
As Amir tries to get his life back on track and start a new chapter, he is haunted by an unknown assailant who keeps targeting him and the people who are important in his life. Amir finds escaping his past and moving on towards a new life are not as easy as he thought because he is Trapped In.

Trapped In
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