Travails of Trevale

Encouraged by my walk of faith, I bring forth a biography which details life experiences as they relate to the travails of life. This book has been designed to capture realistic life experiences, which can be associated with the struggles, heavy laden, long suffering, toil and hardships which are identified as travail and are experienced today. It is my attempt to address factors which may cause travail and advise supportive means of escape for the edifying of God’s Will.  This book channels my early life, mid-life division, travail, feelings of lostness and the finding of one’s self. Poetry exists to identify possibilities of life when ignoring your calling and is followed by words of encouragement through evangelism and the representation of being still here. I celebrate finding purpose as I rebuild self consciousness understanding biblical earth, fire and wind concepts, while identifying the peace associated with accepting Christ as Lord and Savior. I am Trevale, and I have a story to tell.

Travails of Trevale
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