Tripolar: The Generations of Bipolarism

This memoir reinforces the importance of knowing your family’s mental health history as well as its physical health history. What you do not know can wreak serious irreparable havoc upon you and your family’s life.

Carol O’Neal was able to repair some of the damage she created as a result of her bipolar mental health issue. Without bipolar medication and treatment, bipolar can be damaging to your life systems from living in a euphoric state and from ignoring the realities of life by constantly wearing rose-colored glasses as you go through life, only making space for depression when you can no longer stave it off.  Wanting to remain in a euphoric state is the major part of the reason why it is difficult to accept a diagnosis of bipolar, because you feel great and mistakenly in control of your life. After you accept and embrace your illness and what treatments are available to help you cope with your past and your future, you will be on your way to a brighter future.

Tripolar: The Generations of Bipolarism
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